Welcome to my website, my name is Johanna Vera.My job is more than just taking pictures of beautiful people, I also consider this my passion and art that I am blessed to have within the surroundings in my life.It all started almost 4 years ago, I am more passionate today than ever.The memories that my lens and I create will always have a beautiful moment in my clients past. Maternity Sessions is one of my favorites because I am a Mother of two beautiful boys.I take this topic serious, just watching mothers to be makes this a fulfilling magic moment.In the Mini Sessions,children over 1 year old till 8 can tell me their imagination and I can make it come true.In the  Newborn Sessions (baby under a month old) the beginning of their fragile and blessed life is a very adorable moment for me and their loved ones as I am lucky to be invited in their lives creating memories that will last for ever.As a professional photographer i am also invited into the most magical moment of woman life Weddings and sweet 15."It will be a pleasure to have your bussiness".   


Johanna Vera